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Schleich Puzzlemals

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What do you call an animal with the face of a gorilla and the hind legs of a donkey? Or the front half of an sheep and the hind legs of a lion cub? Hours of fun, that's what! Puzzlemals by Schleich lets kids mix and match to create wacky new animals...and fun stories to go with them! Each 6-pack bundle comes with three mismatched Farm World animals and three Wild Life animals. Collect 'em all for hundreds of combinations and never-ending silliness!


  • Three mismatched Farm World animals + three Wild Life animas in every six-pack bundle = limitless fun.
  • Combine your Puzzlemals to create new animals never seen before…Elepigs, Donkoalas, Gorillacats and countless other crazy animals.
  • A polar bear got mixed with a pig…and then? What if a lion cub and a donkey swapped legs? Oh, the stories kids tell when imaginations run wild!
  • Our mix-and-match Puzzlemals may result in some crazy animal combinations, but they still feature the exquisite detail and realistic modeling that make our toys famous worldwide.
  • Perfectly sized for stocking stuffers, party favors, gift bags, and last-minute gift ideas for kids ages 3 and up.