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Schleich 70151-Jungle Emperor

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A formidable new combatant emerges! The Jungle Emperor is savage as he readies for battle in the world of Eldrador® Creatures. A master of deception, the Jungle Emperor camouflages himself for surprise attacks or when it’s his turn to do the dishes.

In a world of Lava Dragons and Ice Giants, of Stone Monsters and Shadow Panthers, Schleich® Eldrador® Creatures is erupting with characters that let your stories run wild. Invite adventure with our rich-in-detail figurines and world-expanding playsets. Every battle-ready brute in the realm of Eldrador® Creatures meets rigorous national and international safety standards. Ignite limitless storytelling with Schleich!

Fun Fact

A journey into the heart of the Jungle World is fraught with peril. Do you think the jungle creatures feel the same when they visit the mall during the holidays?