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I'm Not(very) afraid of the Dark

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This is a book about a child who is afraid of the dark. The book follows the little boy as he tells the reader all about the approaching darkness one evening, revealing his fear as he goes to bed, showing shapes in his bedroom that look like monsters (which change into ordinary things when he switches the light on). When the boy goes on a camping trip, he comes to realize that the dark has its place, and perhaps isn't so terrible after all. After all, it's only when it's truly dark, that you can see the stars. With a playful, clever and beautiful use of laser-cut holes, the book shows shadows getting bigger and taking over the boy's world, the dark bedroom shapes looking like monsters, and then transforming, in the turn of a page, to be just ordinary things in the boy's bedroom, and a breath-taking scene of hundreds of stars in the night sky. Gorgeously illustrated by Daniel Reilly.