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Cosy Care

Cosy care Cosy Toes Blanket

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As these blankets are handmade, each is a unique item!  Made of  100% premium cotton this blanket is perfect for your little ones Infant Car Seats & Strollers. Extremely versatile, this CosyToes is the perfect addition to any stroller and infant car seat. Our CosyToes Blanket is designed with a pouch to put baby's legs in and keep their tiny feet warm and cosy when they are traveling in their Infant Car Seats! Important Note CosyToes Blanket is worn over the the car seat safety harness.


  • Flanelette Fabric on one side and Cotton Waffle fabric on the other side.
  • 100% Cotton Fabric
  • Wash cold and dry on gentle cycle no Bleach Please.
  • Newborn and Up
  • 43cm X 73cm approx