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Galaxy Bomb- Bath Squiggler

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Bubbling bath bombs - simply fill the tub and drop them in!

These bath bombs come in four colour/sents combos, & are filled with bubble woosh!

Make bubble baths fun with one of these!

** this product ships assorted, so we hope you enjoy the surprise!

Bath Squigglers bring some magic and whimsy into what is often a battleground: your kids' bathtime!

Fill the bath and simply drop in a Squiggler and watch! The Squiggler colors the water while scenting the air with a fruity fragrance. 

Hand-made, safe non-toxic and 99.9% natural, Squigglers ar ASTM, CE and CPSIA approved!

Made in Canada!

Go on, try them, your kids will beg to bathe.

Great for children 3+ years old